This can change people’s behavior towards you, dramatically!

I begin my conversation by thanking them for “what they do,” and then how well they have “done it.”

In between, I place my request or suggestion.

You could call it a 'Triple-A" approach.

But ten years back, things were different:

At the clinic, the doctor’s assistant was grumpy, as always.

At the reception of a swanky office, sat a person indifferent to their guests.

At the desk of the students’ coordinator, clung a person who was always rude.

My reaction would be, “They are not doing their jobs sincerely.”

Back then, when I’d experience people speaking only monosyllables, giving snappy answers, unpleasant responses, in a job position in which they need to be gentle, helpful, and of service, it would startle me.

Over many years, I understood that these are only symptoms of a deeper problem.

I started to observe the behaviours of those around me.

And, I identified three causes.

  • We don’t thank or "acknowledge" others enough, for their services.
  • Unintentionally though, but subconsciously, we approach others with “entitlement” to receiving help.
  • We lack ëmpathy" and its relevance in the “business” side of life.

It was an eye-opener for me…

I changed my ways, and then it changed the way people respond to me or work on my request.

Ever since, this "Triple-A" approach of "Acknowledging, then Asking, and then Appreciating," others is the conscious set of actions I try to take, in most interactions. And those who say, "these are unnecessary formalities," then my answer to them is:

It goes both ways.

Either we keep it a cut and dry transaction or make it a warm and nurturing human interaction.

The world responds to us, the way we act towards it.

It costs nothing to be kind and humble.

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Conscious living. Personal growth.

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Kadambini Rana

Kadambini Rana

Conscious living. Personal growth.

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